Russia, China and “Anti-hegemonic countries must change the system of international Economic structure

Reza Hojjat Shamami in an  interview with RT TV

What are the real prospects for establishing Russia-Iranian bilateral calculations in foreign trade in RUBL AND IRANIAN RIYAL in current situation?! If there are any, how that will affect bilateral trade?


I think “the system of international Economic structure must be changed”, and Russia along with China and “Anti-hegemonic countries” should make an alliance

If these changes occur, West can’t boycott and impose sanctions on Eastern countries and Anti-hegemonic countries

The alliance between these countries is of great importance

What will be next US steps in case Russia and Iran converted  trade into RIYAL AND RUBL?  And can local currencies displace EURO AND DOLLAR from bilateral trade?!

Bilateral and multilateral economic relations can be effective.

About Russia and Iran: The two countries must strengthen their political and economic relations

Russia and China in the “Fundamental transition” should form new alliances and use National currency and money in trading

In short, we need to change the current system of international economic structure

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